About Me

I'm a full stack software developer who's been building applications to help improve education in the United States since 2014. I mostly work with Ruby for building APIs, but I'm also dangerous enough with modern front end technologies like React. In my free time I dabble in Elixir and with Serverless stuff (some of which I've even put into production in real life). I'm an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and know a few things about keeping highly available and fault tolerant systems up and running.

I work at Scorebook Live, where I spend my days using Rails and React to help give high school sports fans an awesome experience. I work 100% remotely with a small team of developers and contractors to develop and support a website and a variety of mobile apps. I love getting to work with GraphQL in production, and I love the performance-focused mindset of the company.

Previously, I lead a small team that makes sure the back end of SchoolStatus is firing on all cylinders. We maintain the API that powers all of our products, including the real time components required for calling, texting, and emailing within our application. In this role I've pushed for the development team as a whole to implement an agile process that's allowed us to increase both developer happiness and productivity, and I'm pretty proud about that.

Outside of work and computers, I enjoy reading books (especially those with pirates, dragons, or space ships), brewing beer, and off-roading in my Jeep. I live in Jackson, Mississippi with my beautiful wife Jonna and our two dogs, Tyrion and Roux.


I'm highly proficient with Ruby in general, and have spent the majority of my day writing Ruby code for about five years now. During that time I've also used modern JavaScript technologies like Angular and, more recently, React to create front end components. I've touched a little bit of everything required to build and run a modern Rails application. Here's a list of things I've got a decent amount of experience using:

You can view my Github to see a couple examples of my work, but sadly most of my work lately hasn't been open source so most of the code there is out of date and doesn't necessarily reflect my current skill level. It is a personal goal to do more open source work going forward.