I enjoy writing. I like to “joke” that I think best in long form stream of consciousness writing. The only catch is that I’m not a particularly great writer and I don’t have a ton of things that I feel are really worth writing about. It’s not very often that I’m sufficiently inspired by a topic to spend enough time on it to feel like it’s polished enough to make the effort to publish.

I’ve used different flavors of static websites since around 2012. One of their major advantages is that they make it super easy to publish content — it’s just markdown, right? Well… for me it ended up being an issue of the static site just getting stale. I wouldn’t have anything to publish for six months and suddenly my deploy command no longer works, you know? The thought of having to muck around with configuration just to publish a two paragraph long post made it hard to overcome the inertia of actually writing on my site. I decided to go a wildly different direction. Instead of any cool theme or neatly customizable site, I’m going to experiment with just a bunch of Notion notes.

Notion in general looks pretty great, so no complaints there really. I can customize the pages enough that I’m able to get my ideas across and it’s so easy. I can update things from my phone, easily attach a billion different forms of content, and in general easily muck around. I’m planning on greatly lowering my bar for “should this go there” and treating this like my own personal little slice of the Internet.

I hope you love it!

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