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At SchoolStatus, I am responsible for designing, developing, and modifying backend and frontend code that thousands of users interact with on a daily basis. I am the second developer on the core team, and my daily tasks consist mostly of working with RESTful APIs built using Ruby and an AngularJS front end. In this role I have gained experience with everything Ruby and AngularJS along with Amazon Web Services, ElasticSearch, Redis, and PostgreSQL. I pride myself on trying to know more about git than the lead engineer.

During my internship at CTS, I was a member of seventeen person team of interns distributed in three different offices across two different states. We developed a scoring application for the CTS Geekathalon using .NET MVC 4. The application also included Signal R, Twitter Bootstrap, and a few other nifty technologies.

During the internship I function as the QA Lead for the Mobile, Alabama office. This duty included trackign issues using TFS, guiding others through testing and resolving issues. We also did load testing for several hundred simulated users.

iTech, the University of southern Mississippi's IT department, employs a small team of students who are actively developing native iOS applications. My position on the team entailed building an API in PHP to serve JSON data to the application.

During my internship at the Monticello, Mississippi plant, I was a member of the IT department. I helped mitigate a major manufacturer defect by replacing around 100 power supplies across the entire plant. I also implemented a "mill statistics" page in ASP .NET that was used by management to visualize vital statistics about the mill. This page reduced the amount of time that it took to get these statistics from a matter of hours to mere seconds.


Ruby, JavaScript and CoffeeScript, CSS (LESS, SASS, SCSS), Python, C#, C++, Java, PHP, HTML (Slim and Jade), and a teensy bit of Elixir.


Vim, OSX, Linux, PostgreSQL, Redis, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, Sidekiq, Git, MySQL, .NET, Bootstrap, MongoDB, NodeJS, Sinatra, Padrino, Rails, and a dash of iOS and Android.


If a PDF version of my resume is more your thing, you can download one here.